You may have money that you know nothing about. Each state collects unclaimed money from insurance policies, bank accounts, and more. They store it up, but don't notify you. Run a search to discover if you have money you can claim today.

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We want to help you find every penny that the government owes you.

Millions of dollars in unclaimed property are turned over annually to each State’s unclaimed property division by businesses and organizations who cannot locate the owners, beneficiaries or heirs. This unclaimed property includes bank accounts, stock certificates, checks, wages, refunds, and death benefits, just to name a few. There is approximately 45 to 50 Billion in unclaimed property, and this number is growing substantially each and every year. Our mission at is to give you all of the information and free resources possible to help you locate what is rightfully yours.

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When you click start in the form above, you will be directed to search tips, then to the links to your state's unclaimed property search tool. By submitting the form, you enroll in our six month reminder list.

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Unclaimed Property Access

Every state has its own unclaimed property statutes and handles their unclaimed property slightly differently. Regardless of what state office handles the unclaimed property, each one has a specific section for unclaimed property. You can access information about unclaimed property on every state's official website. They may not have to notify you of your property, but they do have to provide you access to it once you know to look.

Getting Accurate Search Results

Some states' search functions are a bit finicky so it’s important that you try many search variations. Try each name you have ever legally used and business names that have belonged to you.

Additionally, you need to search every state you have ever lived in, even if it was only for a short period of time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I found over $9,340.00 using the search methods outlined in Without using the methods suggested in this website, I never would have found it. This was a life-changing amount of money at the time and it helped me out tremendously!
    Nathaniel Seeley
  • I ran a search on myself from It was amazingly easy, and I did discover I had some money coming to me. While it wasn't all that much money, I plan to search again for my parents and see what they have.
    Lara R.