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We hate the fact that the government has your lost money.

After I found $9,340.00 belonging to me that the government had been holding for over 10 years, I was furious that they never made any attempt to contact me. Why wouldn’t they try to contact me? It’s simple; they’re making interest on this money.

This unclaimed money website is completely free and devoted to helping you find your unclaimed property. We provide simple, easy-to-follow directions on searching for unclaimed property, and we update our links more regularly than government sites, so you never have to deal with inaccurate resources and information. Find money that's owed to you and begin claiming it today!

After you’ve run your search, please let us know what you discover. We would love to share your real stories about unclaimed property with future visitors. You can send your testimonial via our contact form or to our email address – contact@unclaimedpropertysearch.org.