For Immediate Release: 8/3/2010
Contact: Daria Story
(334) 242-7500

State Treasury holds over $382M in unclaimed Assets

The Alabama State Treasury currently holds over $382 million in unclaimed assets for citizens of Alabama. Unclaimed assets can be in the form of uncashed checks, stocks, bonds, dividend checks, utility deposits, and even items found in abandoned safe deposit boxes. After a business has held abandoned assets for a specific number of years as set by law, they turn it over to the State Treasury. These assets must be returned to their rightful owners. Could some of those assets belong to you? State Treasurer Kay Ivey urges you to go to or call 1-888-844-8400 to check the unclaimed assets database for your name, names of family members, businesses, estates or legal heirs. If you do find assets you believe belong to you, and you can verify ownership, you can claim your valuables. There is no charge for this service.

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