Business establishments are continuously growing in the state of California. A lot of investments are good for the economy and also for the people. More business means more jobs for the residents and of course, more taxes for the government. However, there is a problem and that is the California unclaimed money. The amount of unclaimed money grows every year and is now more or less $3.2 billion. It is really a big amount. This amount is not the money of the state. The owners are out there and may be they do not even know that they own such a big amount of money. Studies show that the bigger part of this amount goes to unclaimed taxes. Business owners sometimes forget that they have tax refunds and so imagine if every businessman in the state will forget that the government owes him a sizable amount.

This amount is still growing and few people even make a claim for it. You might have resided or engaged in business in California and you might be one of the taxpayers who filed for a tax refund but was not able to get it. Your check is still waiting for you at the SCO or State Controller’s Office of California. You just have to tell them that you have a California unclaimed money. Once you filed your claim, the personnel will immediately search for your name in the database and if you are really entitled to the money, the necessary documents will be immediately prepared for you to sign. The process is plain and simple. The nice part is you will be able to walk out of the office with the check in your hand.

Do not let this billions of dollars go. You worked hard to pay your taxes and you are entitled to these refunds. Everyone needs money to spend for food, clothing and recreation. You could even go on a vacation with your family. California unclaimed money division will assist you in every way. We understand your need for money and we will not deprive you of what is rightfully yours.


  1. Linda says:

    I need to know the form to use for reporting unclaimed money due a previous employee.

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