Each year, billions of dollars are recorded as unclaimed money in Georgia. Why? There are many reasons as to why this could be so; a couple of which are stated in these following cases:

Case # 1 – Relocation

The person relocated to another State because of another job opportunity. In this case, the person may have neglected to notify his bank, insurance company and previous employer with the changes in his life. When the pervious employer sends a check for unclaimed commissions and wages and the money is returned to the sender, this may now fall under the unclaimed money in Georgia.

Case # 2 – Change of name and marital status

A woman who has married will definitely change her last name to take on her husband’s family name. In this case, any check or money order directed to her might not be received which will then be returned once again to the sender.

Case # 3 – Death of the claimant

Another case would be that the claimant had passed away. His account in the bank had been left dormant as well as the safe deposit box left unattended. Money that may also be recovered from insurance claims, dividends and stocks will also fall under the unclaimed money in Georgia.

Case # 4 – Business went bankrupt

At the event of the business going bankrupt, the owners would wait to liquidate their assets and collect their remaining receivables. Since the company is no longer in operation, there are times that payments and income coming from these means do not reach the business owners.

In any of these cases, they can still claim these abandoned accounts, funds and properties. For as long as the rightful owner can offer proof of ownership of these properties, then claiming would not be so difficult.

To claim these unclaimed money in Georgia, you must first search through the government’s database of names that might have unclaimed assets. You may also hire an accredited agency to help you with a more thorough search if you can’t find it online. Finding any unclaimed funds will surely be worth the shot.

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  1. Gaye Hattaway says:

    I am trying to get the status of the claim for Sarah Lanier. On 7/27/2021, I was advised that the payment was very close. Please contact me asap.

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