We are calling all those individuals or even business owners who resided or were able to engage in business in the state of Florida. The Florida unclaimed funds division has been continuously receiving a large amount of unclaimed funds every year. Every person in the state of Florida is reminded that there is a certain period of time before this money will no longer be claimed by anyone. You should not wait for the lapse of the prescriptive period before acting on this. If you think that you own some of these funds, you should make a claim now. The office is open during regular business days to cater to your need. However, if you live in another state, you may also want to visit the Florida unclaimed funds website to check if you are one of these individuals.

These funds are yours. It is like having a gold mine that is waiting for the right miner to claim his wealth. You could be that miner and the gold is right under your fingertips and all you have to do is to reach out for it. We assure you that claiming the funds will be easy. You just have to present to us identification records and we will immediately act on the transfer. However, if you really want to make sure that you entitled to a share of these funds, you should go to the Florida unclaimed funds website to verify. We are now giving you this chance so you better act now before it is too late. The gold mine will not stay open forever. The tunnel has to be closed sooner or later.

If you have relatives, friends or acquaintances that have lived and worked in Florida, you may also type in their name in our Florida unclaimed funds website search bar to verify if they have unclaimed funds. If the search came up with a positive result, you should notify these persons immediately for them to personally claim their money. If the persons concerned are already dead, their heirs may claim the money by presenting the right documents.


  1. Gladys Condron says:

    Looking for unclaimed funds from stocks.

  2. Jack Scheer says:

    Looking for unclaimed funds from stocks and bank accounts

  3. Tonya says:

    Looking for unclaimed money in Fl

  4. Jerry Owens says:

    unclaimed stock and bonds

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