People living or may have once lived in the state of Ohio are all entitled to get their ohio unclaimed money. The question is, how would you know if you do have money or funds that you have to claim? If you think that the Federal Government has a centralized database of people with unclaimed money, then you are mistaken. You would have to know the ins and outs of claiming property and funds depending on the state where you think you might still have unclaimed property.

As with the state of Ohio, they have the Division of Unclaimed Funds that can help you with your inquiries. The first step is to know whether you have grounds to stake your claim at an ohio unclaimed money. It is very easy to determine your qualification. Here are some cases wherein people might have unclaimed funds:

  • If you have been relocated from Ohio to another State or basically have a change of address, you might have left security and utility deposits unclaimed. Income that may be sent to this address like royalties, dividends and insurance proceeds may have been sent back to the company.
  • If you changed your last name because you got married, you may have some unclaimed checks and deposits that do not apply to your new married name.
  • If your business has closed down and you are unable to keep up with your company’s checking or savings account and it becomes dormant.
  • If you have a loved who passed away and you don’t have any idea if he or she has a will and who will be the heir to the assets.

These are just some scenarios that might help you determine whether there might be ohio unclaimed money for you. If you think you have money to claim, then you must go to Ohio’s Division of Unclaimed Funds’ website to inquire and to get a claim form. Just make sure you possess a proprietary interest so you can get a claim form. It is either you are the owner, or you are requesting for a family member.

You may also seek the help of accredited agencies that can help you with your ohio unclaimed money.


  1. Rita Donahue says:

    It would be nice. Like most people, I could use it.

  2. Jc says:

    I check a few days ago and it said I had something, now I can’t find it. Suggestions..?

  3. Laurence Zerafa says:

    When I try to access the official State of Ohio web page I am getting an error. Why is this?

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