Millions of dollars each year are turned over to the State Treasury’s Office of Virginia. Why? This is not some kind of a bogus deal; it is actually a legitimate move by most companies to turn over any Virginia unclaimed money that might have been in their possession for over a long period of time. This money does not go to the State but merely stays in the Division of Unclaimed Property until the rightful owners have a chance to claim them.

But how would you know if you are entitled to any of these Virginia unclaimed money? If you are wondering how, then perhaps you should read the next few lines that show you some cases wherein the person can possibly stake his or her claim at unclaimed property.

  • Some people have purchased insurances that have returns or dividends. In some cases, people move out of State or move to another address without properly notifying the insurance company. When this happens, the insurance company will then tag this mail as undelivered, and after some attempts to contact the owner of these dividends and returns but to no avail, they turn over the check to the Division of Unclaimed Property.
  • In other instances, the person has married and was unable to contact the company or business she has transactions with about the change in her name. A slight mix up in the names may be the cause of this Virginia unclaimed money.
  • Other cases tell of some instances wherein a person dies without a legal heir in his will. When this happens, the property automatically is claimed by the State, unless there are any close kin or family member left to entrust the properties and the money to.

Any of these cases might seem very familiar to you because you have been there before or suspect that you might have neglected to look at these scenarios. There is not harm in conducting a search for any Virginia unclaimed money. All you have to do is to go online, search through the database and if you find your name in it, you may stake a claim at this property by downloading and filling up the form then sending it to the Division of Unclaimed Property together with the other pertinent documents.


  1. Carey Chapman Chamberlin says:

    I am still not sure how to find out if I have unclaimed property.

  2. domenica childs says:

    i need to know if i have unclaimed monies due to property sold proust rd virginia beach vi

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