The State of Missouri Unclaimed Funds lists unclaimed tax refunds in its databases. Your family, friends and even co-workers can always look it up to see if they have unclaimed tax refunds from the government. These are considered as gold mines ready for the harvest and just awaiting discovery by the rightful owner.

Usually, Missouri unclaimed tax refunds are accumulated through the coffers of the state through the State Treasurer. These accounts are regarded as unclaimed assets and goes into a dormant state until claimed by the rightful owner within a specific period provided for by the law. it will amaze people on how these generates into thousands of dollars and not even know about it! One should take it seriously to search for these unclaimed tax refunds.

There are various listings for Missouri unclaimed tax refunds. You can do an online search for various databases to see if you are entitled to these assets.

Please remember that many of these unclaimed tax refunds are listed the way they were recorded in the various agencies. This means that the possibility of committing an error in the listing is there. But do not worry, you can always do a double check to see if you are listed under Missouri unclaimed tax refunds. Some of these accounts have misspelled first names, last names or addresses.

Errors in the listings are the one of the major reasons why some of the tax refunds remain unclaimed ending up in a low recovery rate. That is why vigilance and knowing that you are eligible under Missouri laws are very vital to get back what is legally due to you.

Keep in mind that Missouri unclaimed tax refunds are benefits that have been withheld for various reasons and is kept in store by the state in favor of the owner. They are Gold Mines that are just waiting to be discovered by the rightful owners or even their heirs. Armed with the right research skills and asking the right questions will lead you to you and your family’s tax refund. Make use of the internet, and get the tax refund that you rightfully deserve.


  1. bobby nation says:

    looking for lost moneys

  2. bobby nation says:

    i was his wife when he pasted away

  3. Nancy Ann Stovall says:

    I have yet to receive my 2014 Mo state refund check, although, I’ve filled out online, info that was requested I provide. The check was sent to an old address in Columbia, Mo: 1808 George Court 65201. My current address is 602 Bourn Ave, Columbia Mo 65203. I am in need of the money and respectfully request any help you can give me. Nancy Ann Stovall

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