Every year, the Alabama Treasurer’s Office receives millions of dollars from businesses, companies and financial institutions that have lost contact with the rightful owners of these funds. The Alabama unclaimed money may come from these sources: dormant bank accounts, contents of safe deposit box, dividends, royalty payments, tax refunds, security deposits, insurance benefits and many others. All of these will be under the care of the Alabama Treasury and they will serve as custodian of these funds while awaiting the return to the rightful owners or the heirs.

The federal government of the state of Alabama has a site that allows you to search Alabama unclaimed money online. In this site, you can search through their property database so you don’t have to leave the comforts of your own home just to conduct your search. This database is updated regularly so that new names that have been recently reported to have unclaimed money in Alabama may be included in this list.

It is easy to navigate through the site. The website for Alabama unclaimed money allows you not just to search through their wide database but also to download claim forms so you may fill this up and submit to the division of Unclaimed Property to facilitate your claims. But before you do so, some tips on how to search for your name on the list:

  • Enter your first and last name. Also try a couple of different variations of your name including your maiden name.
  • Identify the properties that you want to stake a claim
  • Track your claim through their easy tracking system
  • Make sure to submit all the necessary documents to follow up on your claim
  • Processing may take 6 to 8 weeks so just wait for you to receive some notification from their office

It is very important that you follow up on your claims for Alabama unclaimed money. Patience is a very important virtue in these cases, because you must wait and do everything you can to conduct a thorough search. Alabama also conducts state fairs which entertains walk-in inquiries for unclaimed money and properties within the state.

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