unclaimed property

January 3, 2011

Department of Revenue and Metairie’s Lakeside Shopping Center to Host “Unclaimed Property Awareness Day”

Department Is Holding $130 Million In “Hidden Treasures”. . . Some Of It May Be Yours! July 29, 1998 BATON ROUGE – Do you have a […]
January 1, 2011

In time for Christmas, Treasurer Clint Zweifel returns $261,000 in Unclaimed Property to two in the St. Louis area

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, December 21, 2010 Three accounts worth more than $100,000 returned in 60 days ST. LOUIS – State Treasurer Clint Zweifel (ZWY-ful) announced […]
December 29, 2010

The Legal Process Behind Abandoned Property

Abandoned property is considered an asset that the owner has voluntarily given the right of title, claim and possession to express his intent to terminate the […]
December 29, 2010

Tips in Finding Out if You Have Unclaimed Checks

The law dictates that any unclaimed checks, dormant accounts, and abandoned properties should be reported to the government to give a chance for the rightful owners […]
June 28, 2010

Tennessee Unclaimed Property

Why is There So Much Unclaimed Property in Tennessee? Since 1978, the state of Tennessee has paid out more than $200 million in unclaimed money. This […]
June 7, 2010

Connecticut Unclaimed Property

Does Connecticut Owe You Money? Learn About the State’s Unclaimed Property Laws Does the state of Connecticut owe you any money? To date, the state owes […]
June 7, 2010

Colorado Unclaimed Property Information

The Great Colorado Payback Program Are you a Coloradan? Do you know if you have any money, assets or property owed to you? Just recently, the state […]
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