There is a pile of money out for grabs in Texas. Texas unclaimed assets amounts to almost $3billion dollars and is in the state’s safekeeping. But it seems that there many people from Texas who does not know regarding its existence. Well, it is high time that people in the country are informed regarding its existence.

Texas unclaimed assets can be accumulated by the pendency and dormancy of financial accounts such as deposits, property, stock, cash dividends, bank accounts, uncashed check, gift certificates and a whole lot more. These are then automatically turned over to the treasury of the state.

An estimated $40 billion dollars lay in dormancy as unclaimed assets all over the United States part and parcel of it comprises that of Texas unclaimed assets. Sadly, the United States does not have any central database for these claims. Just for additional information, the government is making out in these unclaimed assets in the form of interests.

Texas unclaimed assets are being seized by the state when the prescribed period under its state laws expire, and such property is seized for the governments use. Bear in mind that this is your money and hard earned property that is being taken by the state. if you feel that you can make a claim, take all the measures in making one. Look into your own files, search the internet and be aware of all the fraudulent schemes out there that promise to help you recover what is already yours in the first place.

Transact only with credible agencies in filing your claim. Prepare the necessary documents and requirements in proving that you are the rightful owner of the said unclaimed asset. Look into newspapers for possible publication made by the state. Remember that a notice made in a publication is a notice to the entire world and failure to be aware of such notification might estopped you from making a rightful claim.

It is your money after all, so make sure that you get what is rightfully yours. There are private individuals and agencies out there willing to lend you a hand. Make your claim as soon as possible and beat the prescription period under the laws of Texas. Be vigilant in protecting your property rights and hard earned assets.

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