There is no doubt that the largest holders of non-governmental money are insurance companies. In fact, about 30-40% of these policies go unpaid or unclaimed insurance policies are left dormant within a specific period or upon the death of the policy holder. Usually, unclaimed insurance policies are accumulated through no fault of the heirs or the deliberate intent of the insurance company to conceal the fact that an insurance policy exists.

In other parts of the country or in other states, many life insurance policies become unclaimed since the state does not presume that the policy holder have already abandoned their insurance policy until they have reached 100 years old!

Many beneficiaries do not know that it is their duty to contact the life insurance company and make the claim. In short, they have to make their presence be felt. The rightful heir or beneficiary must know that the amount paid to a policy holder depends on a lot of things. These could be the length of time the policy has been in existence, total of premiums paid, and the face value of the policy.

In a survey, between 1985 and 2004 there were more than 20 major insurance companies that were demutualized. However, these unclaimed insurance policies accumulated to millions due to errors in the policyholders’ current addresses or that they were not informed by the insurance companies.

It is vital that you know that if you have a deceased relative and is claiming under an uncalimed life insurance policy, You may be entitled to various benefits such as cash or stock dividends as well as the proceeds of the whole insurance policy. Demutualization only begins after the owner or policy holder cannot be found by the state.

If you think that a deceased person or relative had a policy then contact the life insurance policy and inquire as to how recovery can be done and the processes that are involved. Certain requirements will be asked from the beneficiary. It would also be helpful if you seek the help of a third party company or professional to help you recover what is legally yours in the first place.


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