Statewide – Delaware Division of Revenue Director, Patrick Carter, announces the publication of approximately 75,000 owners of unclaimed property in today’s News Journal and Delaware State News.

This publication will set forth the names and addresses of persons appearing to be the owners of unclaimed funds abandoned and delivered to the Delaware State Escheator pursuant to Section 1143, Chapter 11, Title 12, Delaware Code. The property referred to above is NOT REAL ESTATE; it has been reported to the Delaware State Escheator pursuant to the Delaware State Escheator by corporations and other entities and may include: uncashed/undelivered/unclaimed dividends, wages, refunds, deposits, interests, payments for goods and services, stock, debentures, bonds, etc.

If your name is listed, or you are an executor of an estate, or an heir, and believe that you have reason to file a claim, please submit a WRITTEN inquiry to our claims processing unit at one of the following addresses:

In-state residents should send all inquires to:

Delaware Division of Revenue
Bureau of Unclaimed Property
P.O. Box 8931
Wilmington, DE 19899

Out-of-state residents should send all inquiries to:

Delaware State Escheator
P.O. Box 962049
Boston, MA 02196-2049

Please include with your inquiry a photocopy of your drivers licenses or other applicable identification and proof of your address as it appears in this publication. Due to the size of this publication and the expected response, inquiries will receive a response within approximately twelve weeks of receipt of your inquiry.

A claim form and instructions will be mailed to you. Upon written request of your claim package further information concerning your claim can be obtained by calling (302)-577- 8782 if you are a Delaware resident or 1-800-828-0632 for out-of-state residents.


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