The Illinois State Treasurer has already introduced a program called “Cash Dash” to help those with Illinois unclaimed cash to find and recover their assets. In May of 2007, it has been recorded that the treasury has at least 1.4 billion dollars of unclaimed assets. The only thing that stands between these assets and the owners is the fact that they are not aware of the process of this “Cash Dash” program.

First of all, most people have no clue what Illinois unclaimed cash means. This is actually any asset that has been separated from you for at least a period of five years. Often times, the rightful owner doesn’t even know that these assets exist. These include unpaid wages and incentives or commissions, safe deposit box contents, dormant savings and checking account, income from stocks, bonds and mutual funds, royalty payments and even lottery winnings.

Sometimes, people lose track of these things because they have already moved to another state or address. Others may have gotten married and changed names. Some may have died and left their assets to people who have no idea that they have an inheritance. When any of these happen, businesses and agencies that are holding the Illinois unclaimed cash are mandated by the government to turn it over to the rightful owners. If there is no claimant, then this will be turned over to the State Treasury until the proprietors have issued their claim.

If you suspect that you may have any Illinois unclaimed cash, then you must go to the “Cash Dash” website and search your name on their online database. Another way to do this is to turn to accredited third party providers who may assist you in your inquiry as well as upon issuing a claim.

Now that you have more knowledge about the Illinois unclaimed cash, the next best thing to do is to start conducting your search. The search can be done for free so you don’t have to worry about any expense on your part. Once you have found your name on the database, make sure you print out the claim form and carefully follow instruction as you submit this together with the documentation to stake your claim on those funds.

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