Every year there are billions of dollars of Oregon unclaimed money from people who may have dormant bank accounts or unclaimed checks and money orders. Under the law, each business establishment and financial institution are mandated to surrender the unattended and unclaimed accounts and checks in their possession so that the real owners may be given the chance to claim them.

In some cases, people who have relocated to another state fail to inform their banks and insurance companies of their change in address. When this happens, the bank or the insurance company that sends them checks for dividends, claims and money orders will tag these mails as not deliverable and these will now fall under the Oregon unclaimed money.

Other cases include the change of civil status therefore the last name changes; also we have cases of death and the heir being unaware of his or her inheritance. Some cases may also include misspelled letters in the person’s name, marriage break up or a business going bankrupt. When all of these changes happen and their banks or previou employers remain uninformed, then chances are their checks will end up in the Oregon unclaimed money which will now go to the Division of Unclaimed Property.

What do you do if you suspect you might have any unclaimed funds from the state of Oregon? One of the things that you can begin with is by searching online in the State’s database to see if your name would appear there. It is always advisable to try different combinations of your name like including your middle name and your maiden name if you have already gotten married. If all else fails, then why not try the services of a third party accredited agency so you will have a more thorough search for these unclaimed funds.

It is always best to give it your best shot. After all, this is money you are not expecting and in these hard economic times, it would be a big help to you and your family. If you are the rightful owner of Oregon unclaimed money then it is about time to stake your claim on these accounts and make sure that you provide all the necessary documents to help you get your claims.

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